Project Description

Markus Schlögl win 3 times the poledance championship in Austria (13/14/2015).


ICEMNA is currently in pole sport world ranking with his 40.0 points at the 1 place since 2015. His highlight this year was the bronze medal at the 2015 world championships in london (Olympic rules), his second place in las vegas at the pole expo 2015th, and the mr pole dance globe world champion 2015. He is sponsored by polestore and worldwide on tour with his poledance workshops and different events (pole dance, pole sport, pole arts). You can book markus with his portable poles stage or his flyingpole for gala shows, corporate events, dinner parties, weddings, ibiza parties or themed events. He will make your event guaranteed to highlight.

Iceman – MARKUS SCHLOGL_POLE EXPO 2015 von markus-schlogl

Bei Interesse kontaktieren sie uns einfach per Mail oder +43 (0)676 7309068.

Internationale Pole Dance Championships:
2015: World Record holder in Pole Sport IPSF with 40,0 points since Mai 2015
2015: Las Vegas Pole Expo 2th place,
2015: World Pole Sport London 3th place,
2015: Mr Pole Dance Austria 1th place,
2015: Mr Pole Dance Globe Germany 1th place,
2015: Pole Sport Cesenatico International 1th place,
2015: Pole Art Genf 3th place,
2014: Mr Pole Dance Austria 1th place,
2014: Pole Sport Roma International 1th place,
2014: Arnold Classics Madrid 2th place,
2013: Mr Pole Dance Austria 1th place,

Timetable 2016

10.Januar Freeletics Wien,
07.Februar Pole Theater Paris,
27.Februar Worskhops Poledance in Wien 1170.
09.April Polesport Quali IPSF Budapest?
29-30.April Polesport Genf?
29.Mai Poletheater Athen
23-24.July 2016, World Pole Sport London – England,
07-11.September 2016 LAS Vegas Pole Expo?
15.Oktober 2016, Poletheater WM Prag?
21.September Poledance Playhouse Wien?

Timetable 2015
08-15.September, Poledance Championship in Las Vegas – USA,
17.Oktober, Poledance Workshop in Vienna – Austria,
21-25.Oktober, Polearts Magazin – Germany,
07-08.November, Poledance Workshop in Linz – Austria,
12.Dezember, Poledance Workshop in Vienna – Austria,